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Nikkie's Cockatiels

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Taxi's Page

Meet Taxi! 

Still A Baby In So Many Ways!

Already Tame!

Taxi was a Valentine's Day (2005) gift from my husband.  I say "she" because so far, her personality indicates that this speckled little darling, known as a "Pearl" may be female. Its very early to tell yet, but so far Taxi is not showing much inclination for early vocalization the way my males did.  Just some chirping and whistles when she wants attention.  So for now, we'll say Taxi is a "she". 
I have ALWAYS loved the Pearl mutation.  The speckling of white on the wings is very striking and I couldn't pass this beauty up when I saw her!  With the dark gray contrast and the yellow markings, I thought she looked like a little Taxi cab, hence the name Taxi!

Taxi is very tame, and has been since the day I brought her home.  She was "hand fed", meaning the breeder fed her rather than leaving her in the nestbox for her parents to raise.  The theory behind handrearing is that birds are more apt to be tame and bond more with people.  This seemed to be the case with Taxi.  She was quite young when I purchased her, only 8 weeks old.  I was a little leary about her age, feeling that 8 weeks is a bit young to wean a bird, but I brought her home anyway.  That night, she began to beg for handfeeding though she was eating from her dish.  The begging continued over the next week, even though she appeared to be eating.  I had an appointment scheduled with her avian vet for a well bird check up, something I highly recommend for any bird coming into your home, and decided to mention it to the vet at the visit.  I even brought my camera to the appointment and my veterinarian was gracious enough to allow me to snap some pictures of Taxi's exam for use on my website to help promote avian vet care! So.. a BIG thank you to Taxi's Doctor at Airport Vet Clinic. Here's a few snapshots of her exam:

Weight Check

The Doctor Listens To Her Heart and Breathing

The ears are behind the orange patch-having a peek

Sadly, Taxi WAS underweight.  She was hulling her seeds and not getting the meat and crumbling her pellets but not swallowing everything.  When the doctor checked her crop, it was nearly empty.  No wonder she was begging so much! The poor baby didn't know how to eat properly!  

Loving her Breakfast!

Taxi went back on the bottle, getting two hand feedings a day so she could gain the necessary fifteen grams. 
Taxi LOVED her bottle!  It didn't take long for her to get in the swing of things, but I had alot to learn.  Fortunately, a friend of mine (Thanks Nikki) had just weaned her lovebird and gave me some great tips.  She gave me some great websites, some advice and lots of encouragement.  Later, I went to a handfeeding class given by a local breeder and petshop owner in our area.  Should I ever encounter another situation like this, I'll be much better prepared. 


Of course, its not all food and no play!  Taxi spent her quarentine time in my daughter's room, where she was introduced to various modes of transportaion (of my daughter's creation).  Instead of the famed "Barbie Jeep", Taxi rod the train!
Now, months later, Taxi has joined the flock.  She seemed to work well with Neo and they are cage mates. Taxi is unassuming in personality and doesn't get on anyone's nerves, yet she stands her ground when the need arises.  As a result, she has integrated well with Silver, Apache, Neo, Teika and Trinny..  She's never bullied at the food dish or picked on for perches.  I was afraid she would be bullied because she was so much younger than the other birds at first, but she's managed to hold her own, though she does somewhat "stick out" as far as flock dynamics go.  She prefers "Mamma" and literally jumps out of the cage to me when I open the door and would rather be with me than the other birds.


Taxi is most DEFINITELY a girl!  She has gone through her first molt, replaced the broken tailfeathers, grown out of her clumsy stage and hit puberty.  She loves her Mamma, and LOVES her Mamma. 
There's only one thing my Taxi loves more than me, and that's FOOD.  Perhaps more than Trinny loves food, though I don't know... she doens't weigh as much!  But anyway, she sees me as her mate, so I had put her under some intense hormone treatment.  Unfortunately, I wasn't fast enough and she laid her first eggs.  ::Cries::  My BABY is all grown up! Fortunately, we were able to stop at just two eggs.  Though Neo is her cage mate, he was obivious to her hormonal state as he's so in love with Apache, he couldn't see past his own beak to know there was a broody hen in his cage.  Er.. um.. Neo! LOSER! Fortunately, that means Taxi is still my chaste little girl.  We'll see how long that lasts!

Taxi LOOOVES her food.

Taxi thanks you for stopping by and welcoming her to the Flock!  Please click her closeup to the right to meet Tieka!

Click ME to meet Tieka!

Keep Current with the Flock! You can read all about Patchie, Neo, Silver, Taxi, Teika, Trinity & Buzz at Tiel Tales, their very own, up to the minute BLOG!

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