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Nikkie's Cockatiels

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Trinity's Page

Where there is a Neo, there has got to be a Trinity!

Is this my good side?

Trinity (formerly known as Beaker), is a Cinnamon (mutation) and also joined my flock in June, 2005.  She, along with Teika, made a long 10 hour trip by car to live with me when Mindy, her former owner, resigned herself to the fact that her grueling college and work schedule demanded too much of her time and "the girls" would fare better in a new home.  Mindy and I planned for many months and finally, Teika and Trinity arrived!  And.. why did I change Trinny's name?  Well, it was long believed that "Beaker" was a "he", but when "he" laid eggs a few months back, the truth was out!  It was decided that "Beaker" needed a more feminine name, so my daughter Kirsten suggested "Trinity" (shortened to Trinny) to go along with "Neo" (From the movie, The Matrix).  So, Trinity it is! And it seems to fit since Neo laid eyes on the girls in their cage and immediately began to sing to them.  Perhaps she WILL become his Trinity.
Trinny is quite the character!  Already, she "flock calls" for me when I leave the room.  I call right back to her and she's happy to hear my voice.  She loves human interraction and is the first one of "the girls" to poke her beak through the cage bars when someone approaches to say "Hi".  She doesn't appear to be "stranger shy" either.  When someone "unfamiliar" stops by to ogle at her, she puts on quite the cute show of looking beguilingly through the bars at whoever is talking and coming right up to greet people. 


As you can see by her girth, she doesn't miss many meals!  She is so easy to introduce to new things!  Five seconds after I hung Cilantro in the cage (an unfamiliar vegetable to her), she was preening and eating it with gusto!  Since Tieka (her cage mate) takes her cues from Trinny when it comes to food, Trinny made an important step for the both of them by braving the "big bad veggie conversion".  She's my little pioneer. 
Neither of the girls were familiar with "Cheerios" as treats, but again, it didn't take Trinny long to figure out A) it was food, and B) it was GOOD, when I offered it from my hand.  After a little hesitation, Trinny was soon chasing after me for more!
Both Trinny and Teika will willingly "step up" onto my finger, but are both shy about being pet yet.  Still, food is definitely the way to this gal's heart, and after her Cheerio treats, she allows me to scritch her at will. Hehe! In fact, she has become adept and begging for scritches (learning the art from Neo and Silver no doubt).  In the morning, she's right there with her head lowered, butting her crest against my fingers to get her morning scritches.  Often times, its a race between her, Neo and Silver to see who gets them first!

The "plus" size model

Trinny has really warmed up in her new environment and is quite the charmer with her silly antics.  Though she's 2 years old, she has the "presence" of a youngster, always playing with toys and well.. beak down in the food cup! She too, has made the conversion to a pelleted diet with ease, but perhaps a little too well?  Though she's given up seeds which are much more fattening than pellets, Trinny still eats more than her fair share of the "healthy stuff" and it shows.  She is now on a strict diet to control her weight.  Of all of my birds, Trinny is by far the heaviest.  But man is she cute!

Content on Kirsten's Shoulder

Trinny is usually game for new toys and fun, but she's not fond of the Barbie Jeep.  In fact, she hissed at it when she saw it for the first time! A reaction none of the other birds have had to it!  She's taken one ride on it, and that was in the company of Teika, but she didn't stay on long.  That's okay Trinny! We can find plenty of other pictures of you doing dorky things! One of her FAVORITE things is taking a bath.  She, Apache and Taxi love them the most.  Nothing makes Trinny chirp in glee more than a warm water mist bath... except maybe a full food dish!

A bath and scritches! Oh Boy!

Oh well, a fat girl is a happy girl!  She certainly is that! Always eager to greet the morning and face the day with exuberance.  Since she moved here, she has been shown a whole new world of veggies, pellets and a different home, and she has embraced everything with amazing adaptability and cheer.  She's fun to watch and interact with, and I'm so glad she's here!  Thanks to Mindy, Trinny is a part of my life.

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