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Nikkie's Cockatiels

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Silver's Page

Wake Up Silver! Its Your Turn!

Right from the start, Silver proved to be a pistol! A regular chip off the old block! Silver learned a lot from "ole Dad, Jack" (pictured with Mom, Ele on the home page).  Nothing scares Silver! There's not a docile feather on his body and speaking of feathers, even with clipped wings, the dude could fly! We had to give him a real close clip to tame him.  Otherwise, he'd sit on the highest curtain rod and tell me EXACTLY what he thought of all the lessons I was trying to teach him, like "Step Up". Phhfft!
Once his wings were clipped shorter, Silver learned quickly that there are benefits in being submissive to "Mom".  Silver has a BIG jealous streak and by watching Neo get his head scratched, he began begging for head scratches when I'd scratch Neo by putting his head down in front of my finger.  I'd scratch him behind his little crest and watch him just bliss out.  Perhaps he remembers a time when he was just a little baby tiel, before he was weaned? I visited my friend to see the babies, and held him, snuggling his little head. Maybe it brought back memories.

Is this Silver? They all three looked alike!

Naw! Silver just knows what he likes and knows how to get it!  Now, when he's being "naughty" (he is often..hehe) he apologizes by lowering his head and asking for a head scratch. Hmm... somehow..his apology rewards him?  Nice going Silver! Smart Birdy!

Sitting With Kirsten

Silver Silently Sleeping

Kirsten's Method of Taming
If Silver is determined to be the "top bird" of the flock, (and believe me, he is), my daughter Kirsten is just as determined that Silver WILL settle down. I think her determination is good for him as it knocks his little ego down a few pegs.  Weighing in at 100 solid tiel grams, he's the largest bird in the flock. His early vocalization (he's learned all of Neo's whistles except the phone ringing) and his dominant personality leads me to believe that Silver is ALL BOY though he has yet to complete his adult molt and obtain is "male" plumage. As a solid cinnamon, he should loose the barring on the tailfeathers and the feathers on his head should become yellow.  He's beginning to molt now, so we shall see.  Since he tends to bully the other birds on occasion, Kirsten establishing herself as a force to reckon with puts Silver in his place.

Boys can play with Barbies Too!

Get a load of THIS chest!

Don't let the "bad press" about his strong personality give you the wrong impression of Silver though! He's actually very funny with his own little brand of humor.  He learned the "kiss cluck" from Neo and jumps to the cage in the morning and presses his beak to the bars and "kisses" Mom when I uncover the cage in the morning.  Its quite charming to have the "boys" hanging off the bars "kissing" me. 
He's QUITE the charmer and he knows it.  With his impressive set of lungs, he chirps and whistles all day long.  He has developed a HUGE crush on Apache, though not NEARLY old enough to do anything about it.  He chases her about singing right in her ear, though she's hardly impressed.  If she's not paying much attention, he'll hop over and "practice" on me.  He's also practicing his "male stance" and showing off his impressive chest!  What do you think Apache! Am I hot or not? Mom.. what do YOU think?  Of course I tell him he's the most beautiful cockatiel ever. (Shh.. I tell Neo and Apache the same thing but don't tell Silver I said so!)

I'm so HAPPY you stopped by!

So now you've met Silver!  Follow the direction of his tailfeathers or click on the picture below to meet Teika and Beaker, two tiels who will be joining my flock very soon!  Silver appreciates you paying homage to his dominace by viewing his mightiness. (Hehe!)

Follow my tailfeathers to Teika & Beaker's Page!

Keep Current with the Flock! You can read all about Patchie, Neo, Silver, Taxi, Teika, Trinity & Buzz at Tiel Tales, their very own, up to the minute BLOG!

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