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Nikkie's Cockatiels

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The Flock

Meet the "Flock-ers"!
We still have lots to squawk about so don't turn away just yet!

Don't Turn Away!
Now We're a Big Happy Family -
er..most of the time!
All the boys love Marcia, Jan is having an identity crisis, Greg is "the man" and always gets the girl, and Peter is secretly in love with Greg's girlfriend..... Oh yah! Right, this isn't the Brady Bunch, but I have an episode of the Cockatiel Brady Bunch going on every day in my own home! Tune in for next week's show! Cindy lays her first egg! 
Moving on UP!
With six tiels, it was time for a new cage.  This cage is awesome (got it on eBay folks! Great deals there).  It can be one long flight cage, or divided into two cages for times when I need to seperate the "Helen's" from the "Troy's" if you know what I mean. 
After some arranging, and rearranging, it seemed the best roomies were Silver and Apache (who have bonded as a couple) along with Teika and Trinity, also a bonded pair, in one side of the cage.  Neo (who has a huge crush on Apache but it goes unrequited) needed to be in a seperate cage so he and Silver wouldn't clash.  As brothers, they get along great, but add a hen they both desire to the mix and they both become strutting males, determined to be "King Bossy Feathers."  Neo's cage mate is Taxi.  Though she's female, Neo largely ignores her, preferring to "oogle" Patchie through the dividing bars.  He still sings to Patchie, but from afar.  That suits Silver just fine.
Neo (left) tells "new Silver" (right) who's boss!

Neo and Silver have an odd relationship.  Most of the time, they are very close and sometimes even preen one another.  However, as I mentioned above, there is a strong sense of sibling rivalry (or perhaps simply male rivalry) that rears its ugly head on occasion.  When Silver first joined the flock, Neo wanted to let Silver know he was the boss! Now, Silver has taken the lead, but Neo (though much smaller than Silver) often challenges him.  Silver has been known to back down in many instances.  Yet, for the bickering that goes on between them at times, the bond they have is unmistakable.  If anything happened to one, the remaining brother would be lost.

Neo (outside) challenges Silver for Apache's heart

Now, before you begin to feel too sorry for Silver (seemingly always being challenged by a jealous Neo) remember that Silver asks for roughly 3/4ths of what he gets.  Heheh! Silver, by far, is the "bossiest" bird in the bunch and the least "hand tamed".  He responds to me and I can handle him, but as he's gotten older, he's become more difficult to deal with.  Mr. Bossyfeathers indeed.  Sadly, my daughter is unable to play much with him anymore.  What he lacks in "people skills", he makes up for in personality though!  He's so funny when he struts his stuff to all the girls, (he thinks he's a cassanova) but his true heart lies with Apache. If I ever doubt the gender of a bird, I'll introduce it to Silver! HAHA! If he sings and struts, its a female! :-D   As I mentioned before, Teika and Trinny were the latest additions to my flock and Teika is the dominant bird between the two.  Honestly, I think Teika is male sometimes, the way she behaves, but Silver set her straight by singing to her.  Of course, this did NOT amuse Teika at all.  She let him know what she thought of it too.  In fact, she frequently gives Silver a peice of her mind.  In the beginning, I wasn't sure if the two dominant personalities would EVER get along.

Clash of the Titans(Teika lower left , Silver top)
The hens (and though Teika is a hen too, she has a lot of male characteristics) are much less aggressive than the boys.  Taxi, Patchie and Trinity NEVER argue, even amongst themselves.  I've only seen minor "that's my food dish" nudges but never any tail fanning, hissing and sqealing with the wings outstretched and beak dueling that happens with the boys from time to time.  Taxi could really care less about Cockatiel Politics.  She is a "Momma's Birdy" and prefers me over the others.  Trinny and Patchie are just mellow girls and will only hiss if frightened at night or by something they're not familiar with.
**notice in the picture to the right..heheh! Teika and Silver are having a showdown atop the cage playgym.  Poor Trinny (the birdy on the far right) is ducking and getting the heck out of dodge! That's my girl!

A rare photo of all six together!

Make Love, Not War

So they have their differences, but on the whole, they get along great! When its "group time" outside of the cages, they all climb up onto the play gym and busy themselves with their favorite activities.  Neo, Patchie and Silver generally cling together, though occassionally Silver strikes off on his own to flirt with the other gals.  Neo takes full advantage of the time alone with his beloved Patchie when her "husband" has his tailfeathers pointed in the other direction.  Teika and Trinny also stick together as a rule but Trinny has been known to sneak off to play with toys or interract with the others, but always under Teika's watchful eye.  Ah yes, and Teika.  I take her down and "make" that girl play.  She's very serious, but when her inner spark is ignited, she can be very playful.  And Taxi.  Well.. Taxi will play on the gym (if she has too), but as far as she's concerned, she's not a bird.  If she's flighted, she will make a beeline for me, where ever I am in the room.  She's 100% Mamma's girl.  No doubt about it.

Oh Trinny! I love you So!


Show me the Love!

Teika adores her Trinny, that's for sure.  For the times when my birdies have had their little spats, there's been plenty more of the loving moments that make you say "AWWW!"  Here's Teika, preening Trinny's "mohawk".  Though Teika asks for preening in return, I've never seen Trinny oblige.  Stingy girl! Trinny is also very adept at begging scritches from me.  Come to think of it, she never gives me any scritches in return either. Hmmm.  Maybe I should teach her to share! :-)

Ooh! To the left baby!

And then there's the Silver and Apache love story.  Its an ongoing saga.  At first, Patchie did the bulk of the preening, but Silver has figured out that he has to "pull his share" in the marrige too.  He now preens Patchie as well, like a good husband should.  Sometimes, I think they're glued together at the mohawk with all the mutal preening they do in a day.  Get a ROOM you two!
POOR Taxi and Neo have to rely on good ole Mom for their scritches, but they don't seem to mind in the least. In fact, both of them are mega scritch junkies! ;-)

Apache, Neo, Silver, Taxi, Teika and Trinny thank you for your time! They would also like to extend a warm invitation to stop back by sometime.  You never know when a new update might pop up.  Please sign the guestbook and put a face to the "hit counter!" and for more current updates, visit the blog at Tiel Tales.  The link is listed below.

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Keep Current with the Flock! You can read all about Patchie, Neo, Silver, Taxi, Teika, Trinity & Buzz at Tiel Tales, their very own, up to the minute BLOG!

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