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Nikkie's Cockatiels

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COMING SOON! Meet Teika & Beaker!


Beaker (left) & Teika (right)

From one loving home to another...Teika and Beaker will soon be making a long journey to join Apache, Neo, Silver and Taxi to become part of the flock. 
Their Mom loves them very much and wants to find a good home for her birds.  A greuling college schedule has demanded much of her time.  Too much, she feels, to be fair to her beloved birds.  Though it breaks her heart to part with them, she feels its in Teika and Beaker's best interest to live in a home where they will get a lot of attention since her schedule won't change anytime soon.  If that's not love, what is? 
Through a helpful friend, the Tail Feathers posting board, this website, and perhaps fate, Teika and Beaker's Mom found me and my "four".  Though two states and many miles seperate us, Teika & Beaker will join my flock soon.  My family and I are anxiously anticipating their arrival and we promise to love them unconditionally!

Teika, the shy one

This is Teika.  She is a cinnamon, whiteface, pearl.  Isn't she lovely? I understand that she and her Mom are very bonded and that Teika is slow to warm up to others.  Since, she prefers women, a new "Mom" is ideal for her. 
Despite her shy exterior, she has many talents and cute traits!  She can talk, which is fairly uncommon in female tiels.  Her vocabulary includes "Teika", her Mom's name, "Hello" and the first few bars to the song "I'm So Pretty" from West Side Story!  Because she's fond of that song, I chose "I'm So Pretty for their page midi! Teika also likes to dance to rap music and loves the theme song to "Friends".  She's a "Momma's Girl" and loves to snuggle.  AWWW!  She'll have no problem getting her snuggles here! 
Teika is about three years old, which is quite young yet.  She'll have a long, happy life ahead of her.

Beaker, The Outgoing One

Beaker is an 18 month old male.  I am told he is a standard gray, but judging by his pictures, I suspect he could actually be a cinnamon like my male Silver.  They appear as though they could be twins!  Beaker's  Mom says he is a bit darker than Silver appears in the pictures on my website, but my camera's flash has a tendency to wash out my birds colors.    We shall see!
Beaker, I am told, likes to have his head scratched, but would much rather be off exploring and having cockatiel fun over cuddling.  He's outgoing and loves new things;  a very social young tiel.  He also likes to ogle his own reflection in a mirror which inspired his Mom to start singing "I'm So Pretty".  It was her hope that Beaker would learn the words, but to her suprise, Teika learned them instead! I suspect Beaker will have no problem settling in.  Though Beaker's Mom has said he prefers the company of men, I suspect Beaker and my daughter will make fast friends.  Kirsten will provide lots of interraction and playtime for the curious and social Beaker! Expect pictures soon of Beaker on the famous "Barbie Tiel Jeep" Haha!

I know how hard it is to decide to re-home a beloved pet.  With that in mind, I wanted to set up a page just for Teika and Beaker to welcome them.  I know how much their Mom loves them, and I want her to know they will be loved and cared for just as much from the moment they arrive. 
As Teika and Beaker become more comfortable in their new home, their indivual personalities will emerge and we'll develop our own relationship.  At that time, I will dedicate a page to each bird, just as Apache, Neo and Silver have their own, with plenty of pictures!
I have promised to keep their Mom posted on their progress and I will do so with emails, pictures and this website.  I would like to thank everyone involved for bringing Teika and Beaker into my life and most of all, I'd like to dedicate this page to Teika and Beaker's Mom.  A BIG piece of their heart will ALWAYS belong to you. 

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Keep Current with the Flock! You can read all about Patchie, Neo, Silver, Taxi, Teika, Trinity & Buzz at Tiel Tales, their very own, up to the minute BLOG!

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