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Nikkie's Cockatiels

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Friends of a Feather

Apache, Neo and Silver have made many feathered friends and wanted me to reserve a place just for them to congregate.  Here, Budgies, Conures, Cockatiels and African Grays (just to name a few types of parrots) can show off their beautiful plumage and wonderful personalities!  Some of these birds I've had the pleasure of meeting in person, and the others I've come to know through the stories their human companions share via the comraderie of Tail Feathers, a posting board for Bird Enthusiasts. 

Just a Portion of Christy's Budgie Flock

Christy's Budgies
Christy is a good friend of mine who lives fairly close to me.  She, much like myself, never imagined she would be a bird owner, until one day, her husband talked her into getting two Budgies.  It didn't take long for the little parakeets to steal her heart.  Two became three, then four, and so on.  Soon, two of her males "paired" with three of her females and several beautiful chicks resulted! She now has a lovely flock of Budgies and their chatter and antics always entertain her.

Cheeko & Gunnar, The Tiel Brothers

Christy's Tiels
Just as Christy never thought she'd have Budgies, she never thought she'd have tiels either.  That is, until one day she came across Cheeko & Gunnar at a semi-annual Farmer's Market type event being in her County.  At first, she bargained with the owner for just one of the Cockatiels, but they were brothers who had never been seperated.  Instead of coming home with a chicken or a puppy, Christy came home with the two standard gray cockatiels known affectionately as "The Tiel Brothers".  At first glance, the two year old cockatiels are hard to tell apart, but Cheeko is more vocal than Gunnar and despite his quieter demeanor, Gunnar is usually dominant between the two. 

Jack & Ele sitting on their "first" summer clutch

Jack & Ele came next after Christy answered an add in the classifieds for a pair of cockatiels.  Ele and Jack also had a baby the lady was selling with them.  Christy took Ele and Jack home, and I took the baby (my Neo).  Jack and Ele are quite the prolific pair, and got right to work making brothers and sisters for Neo.  Within 2 months of their arrival in her home, they hatched the first of two clutches born that summer.  Silver, my third cockatiel came from that first clutch.  The other two babies found homes as soon as they were weaned. Ele is the pretty cinnamon whiteface and Jack is a standard gray male, split to pied, lutino and cinnamon.  Both are about 2 years old.

Bucket O'Birdies! Which One is Silver?

The eggs (left) under Jack & Ele hatched into triplets!
Silver, my third tiel, is one of those babies in the bucket, though I can't tell which one he is because all three looked so much alike! Silver came home to us in August 2004, and his clutchmates went to good homes as well.

One of Each Mutation!

September brought another clutch of three, but these ones looked totally different than their sibs from the June clutch, (and even Neo) for that matter.  When the chicks opened their eyes and began to molt, Christy was shocked to find a Lutino in the nest! Once their feathers had completely grown in, Christy learned she had a Cinnamon, a Cinnamon pied, and a Cinnamon Lutino who she named Bella.  Bella, as well as her siblings (Jelly, the Cinnamon Pied, and Skippy, the Cinnamon) will stay with Christy as she had bonded with them strongly and cannot bear to part with them.  These sweet babies bring her Cockatiel count to seven!


Dani's Birds (Squawk & Howl)

Mutton Chops Scans Tailfeathers Posts

Muttonchop (aka Mutty, The Chop, or Pearlie-Girlie) is a Pearl mutation 'tiel making her home in Oakland, CA with two Mommies and 9 siblings (5 avian, 4 feline). Her turn-ons are dried carrot chips, hemp string tassels to preen, showers, reading the posts at Tailfeathers Network, and people who scritch. Turn-offs include other birds getting too much lovin', being left on the boing too long while Mom does work in the office, and toys that are slippery. Her main aspiration is to be able to eat without holding over the bowl, like all the other parrots do- & she is making strides and holding food longer & longer in her little cockatiel "clown feet" (as Mom calls them).

Coby - From Mickaboo, with Love

Coby (aka the Cobinator, "Be Quiet!", and Loverpumpkins) is a 10 year old Jenday Conure adopted from Mickaboo Rescue shortly after she came to us to foster. she is a plucker, a party animal, and a laugh riot. Her turn-ons are playing "peekaboo" with any fabric and dominating that evil thing into submission, playing divebomber (another subdue the fabric game, but this one is with her human mate, Julia!), being on Julia's shoulder (aka "shoulder time") and eating. boy can she pack it away. when she really likes her food she makes kissy noises into the dish & says a variation of "peekaboo" that sounds like "peeabee", which of course, means "oh! thank you thank you thank you!" Turn-offs include Julia coming home late ("ca-caw!"), that pesky Bean-Bean trying to be near her, and a world almond shortage (can you imagine the horror?). Her aspiration is to finally get Julia to "do the deed" so that they can raise mutant freak babies together in domestic bliss.

Kenya The Ringneck! Mickaboo came calling again!

Kenya (aka the car alarm, ole crazy eyes, or the exile) is an African Ringneck hen of indeterminate age being fostered at the Hen House for Mickaboo. She has come a long way in her socialibility and playfulness and will be at the Hen House until the perfect home for her comes along (and only until it's perfect, I tell you!) She came to us only eating sunflower seeds & corn, tailfeathers damaged, would only step up onto a coiled towel, and quite anti-social to people and birds. She now demands affection (and gets it!) explores and plays with toys, eats a varied, pellet based diet, steps up onto an arm (she still hates hands, though!) has those gorgeous foot long teal tailfeathers, and tolerates other birds.She is a toe stalker, so do not come to the breakfast table with bare feet!! Her favorite fruit is pomegranates, her favorite toys are ziploc or cellophane bags with beads & treats inside, and she loves to climb around the kitchen and explore at meal times ("what is IN that cabinet, anyway?")  Her eyes pin crazily when she excited (scritches are accompanied by eye pinning & clucking like a chicken) or angry (stay away from my territory, Julia! (she dislikes Julia and loves Dani).  Her sounds vary from R2D2 beeps to the car alarm (it hurts the ears when she's distressed), to the cooing of a pigeon when contented.

The Cheeky little GCC!

Monkey McBean (aka bean-bean, beanie-weanie, or green bean) is a Green Cheeked Conure scamp menacing the other residents (4 feline, 5 avian, 2 human) of her newfound home (aka "The Hen House"). Her turn-ons are crunchy foods that are fun to hold, a climbing challenge (think that plastic wand thingie for the mini-blinds is too smooth for me to scale? Ha! I laugh in your face!), showers, and my Big Sis (crush?) Coby. Turn-offs include time-outs for nipping too much, being put back on a play stand when she wants to explore, and that annoying senile cat who thinks she's a bird by sits under the T stand at breakfast hoping for bird food! I know Mom doesn't want me to bite her- but come on!) Her aspiration is be queen of the roost, all others bow before her. and to make Coby her best buddy (why is that Jenday so indifferent?).

Dando & Uno, now Adopted and living in a good home

Dando & Uno are former fosters (sucessfully adopted!) at the Hen House whose Mickaboo rescue was posted on Tailfeathers. They were the rare male that comes our way, and graced us with cockatiel song. Dando was a single dad & Uno was the only surviving chick from a clutch of 4. (Mom died after laying). All suffered malnutrition and were never socialized until coming to a Mickaboo home. Dando learned to eat pellets & fresh foods, learned to come out & socialize with humans, started to sing, and would take food from hands by the end of his fostering. Uno still suffers from air saculitis and has the effects of early chick-hood malnutrition (curled in toes & less functional feet & small stature (only 72 grams when an adult should be at least 90). but sings like his dad, plays all day, and loves scritches. They live in Hayward with their new loving Mom, Debi, who sends updates every couple months. Uno continues to need weekly vet care.

The Lesbian Budgies

PJ & Francis are budgies named after rockstars (PJ Harvey & Black Francis) who are collectively known as "Budgeta-Budgeta". They are a bonded female (lesbian) pair, currently in brown cere hormone madness. They tend to like each other more than people, so they interact less with other memebrs of the Hen House as the other parrots (and that's OK). They love eucalyptus, shreading their birdie kabobs, birdie bread, and apples. They are apprehensive about coming out of their cage & onto a playgym, but once they are there, they enjoy it quite a lot.


Pho's Birds -  The Looser's Club President and Vice President!

Good Ebo!

Meet the ever charming Ebo! He has quite the popular guy on our board and how could he not be? Just LOOK at that face!  This standard gray cockatiel is packed with personality!  He can say a multitude of phrases and falls in love at the drop of a hat! (There's no telling what with either!).  Here's what Pho added: 

His hatch date was July 7, 2003. His hobbies include talking constantly and hitting on inanimate objects (like the pillowcase!). He loooooves having visitors in the house and will hit on them too. His favorite phrase is "Good Ebo."


Enter the lair of "The Looser"!  Ebo's antics have earned him his own cult following.  They call themselves "Loosers" and any bird in "The Looser's Club" must adhere to strict "looserly" guidelines set forth by Ebo himself.  I should mention that Neo and Silver are true loosers and are featured prominently on Pho's "Looser's Page". Such antics will get a bird in, like flirting with chicken strips, pillow cases, feet, noses, and birds of different species, but the list doesn't stop there!  If you'd like to know MORE about The Looser's Club, and think perhaps you have a bird, or know of a bird who belongs in it, please click "The Looser Club" logo and learn all about birds permanently branded with the mark of the "L".


Little Sister?

This is Pokey, a Timneh African Gray (TAG). She is Ebo's little? Sister and is learning the ropes from Big Brother Ebo!
Pho adds:

Pokey's hatch date was June 6, 2004. She's still a baby, but she's already started to talk in a little weirdo voice. She likes cuddling and getting petted on the head (when she wants us to pet her, she starts petting her own head and looking pathetic ^^). She loves vegetables and enjoys shaking her toys like a maniac.


Poor Pokey couldn't escape the grips of "looserdom".  How could she with Ebo to look up too?  Pokey is Vice President of the "Looser's Club".  Why?  Any bird that says "Boo!" to her poop as she watches it drop deserves to be branded with an "L" on her forehead.  In fact.. with that little antic.. perhaps POKEY should be president?


Alicia's Tiel

Sam the Tiel

Sammy, the Cockatiel also joins us from Tailfeathers. Like Silver, Sammy is also a Cinnamon.  My, its amazing how many cute little cinnamon's there are out there!  Silver and Sammy could be twins!  
Here is Sammy, enjoying a nice veiw out the window while perched on her play gym.

Kathy's Budgies
Kathy's beautiful flock of Budgies also joins us from Tail Feathers!  Meet, Kiwi, a 6 year old, normal green, female "keet" ; Sky, a light blue Recessive Pied. She Is 7 years of age; Sunshine is a light green, Recessive Pied male who Is 2 years old ; Willow is a mauve graywing. He Is 8 months old; Rainbow is a clearwing, dilute, recessive pied green. He Is the same age as Willow (8 months).

Five Little Budgies All in a Row

Click here to meet MORE friends!

Keep Current with the Flock! You can read all about Patchie, Neo, Silver, Taxi, Teika, Trinity & Buzz at Tiel Tales, their very own, up to the minute BLOG!

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