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Nikkie's Cockatiels

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More Friends!

Apache, Neo and Silver's Circle of Friends is ALWAYS Growing!  And why not? Birds are EXTREMELY social!  The more the merrier! Its time to get our "flock on" with more friends!

Fluffly lil Chibi

Andrea's Tiel
Meet Chibi! Chibi is a one-and-a-half-year-old whiteface cinnamon pied with the cutest splash of white on the back of his head. His forehead is always dirty because I constantly kiss him. ^_^ He is out of his cage most of the time, keeping various people company by chatting and serenading. In fact, the only time (besides sleeping) that I put him back in the cage is if he makes his “I’m hungry” screech, which has remained with him since infancy. I interact with Chibi as if he’s a human being, which is probably the reason he doesn’t get along with other birds – he thinks he’s human too. Although he sometimes sings by himself, waving a piece of paper (or anything crinkly-sounding) in front of his face fires him up and he doesn’t stop singing and talking.
Chibi is a very vocal little guy!  Here are links to a few wav files and movies of Chibi in action!  Caution: Not for the weak at heart because you'll want to take him home with you. They're VERY cute.  Don't say I didn't warn you!

Kiwi & Kokomo

Jodi's Budgies
Meet Da'Budgies, aka Kiwi and Kokomo! (Kokomo, the little gray blue budgie, is one of the babies from my friend Christy's budgie clutches this summer on pg. 1).  These guys are JUST adorable and this photo of them recently won a photo contest on our board at Tailfeathers! Congrats Jodi, Kiwi and Kokomo! :-)  Here's what Jodi says about Da'Budgies: 
Introducing Kiwi and Kokomo, our two male budgies! Kiwi is a striking normal green budgie that came to live with us in Feb. 2004 at 5 weeks old. Kiwi quickly became very bonded to our family and he even learned to talk by 4 months of age. So far he can say, "hello Kiwi", "pretty bird", "da budgie, da budgie", and "whatcha doin"! After he had been with us for over 6 months, we got him a friend. Kokomo is a beautiful yellow faced gray budgie. Suprisingly enough, after living with us for just a few months, he picked up ALL the phrases/words that Kiwi says! So we now have 2 talking budgies that delight us with their constant antics and their beautiful chatter.

Little Sky

Sara's Budgie
Meet Sky! Another delightful Tailfeathers Friend.  Sara got Sky when she was just six weeks old from Pet Smart.  Sky has a great personality and loves to bathe, chew, fly and get lots of attention.  She's very outgoing and smart, and knows when Sara wants her to to do something, though she only does things on her own terms. :)  Sky is most likely a female and (based on the color of her cere) but no matter what gender, Sky is her baby and Sara loves her to pieces.


Sara didn't stop at just Sky.  After an impatient wait, she brought home Sam, her new cockatiel.  For a few months, Sara was unsure which gender Sam was, male or female, but it appears with the first molt underway and some behavioral hints, that Sam is a boy! So now Sara has a "she" budgie and a "he" tiel.  They're an adorable pair and both are members of the Looser's Club.

Soon to be joining the Friend's Page:
Christina's Flock!  Tiko, Juliette & Sunshine.  (Am I forgetting anyone? ;-)
Nikki's Flock!  Winston, Bartok, Stella, and Sophie! (and probably Alice and the new conure she wants to get... ;-)
Plus updates to Christy's tiels! (Yeah.. she's got more of em! Coming out her ears in fact! haha!)
Did I forget you? Its highly possible! HAHA!  If you would your bird featured on my Flock's "friends" page, just email me a picture of your bird and include a brief description! I'll be happy to put it up with my next update!

Click here to go to Chronic Egg Laying!

Keep Current with the Flock! You can read all about Patchie, Neo, Silver, Taxi, Teika, Trinity & Buzz at Tiel Tales, their very own, up to the minute BLOG!

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